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The end of "No Identity"

Sin-Identidad-2x13-penúltimo-episodio-Megan-Montaner-y-Verónica-SánchezThe end of «No Identity» is about revenge and Mary is about to end. This has been noticed in the audience as this week’s series starring Megan Montaner has gathered in front of the screen to 2.316 million viewers and a share of 15.4%, thus improving the figures of the previous chapters
The story could not be presented only more exciting than fiction chapter and its protagonists say goodbye forever to the phenomenon of Antena 3.
the plot is Maria Fuentes, discovers that it was a bought girl, ignoring their true identidad.Después of a series of adventures, ending in a prison in China. Showing his orchestrated Return (faking amnesia), a jump of 10 years in the future is given to show the fruits of their expected revenge against her parents and uncle, whom guilt of having attempted to get rid of it when he learned they the they had bought when he was still a baby. ¿Will Get Maria revenge of all?
The series, which has had only two seasons, finished in style Wednesday July 8 at 22:30 pm.
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