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"Silence" of Almodovar will be "Juliet"

The producer «El Deseo» has notified the change of name of the new Almodovar film, which was to be called «Silence» and that, for various reasons, will be renamed «Juliet»
The statement is as follows:
«We decided to change the title of the film in post-production right now and Alberto Iglesias is finishing composing the soundtrack. Instead of Silence will be called» Juliet «.
When we started preproduction I heard that Martin Scorsese would make a film with the same title, then I thought nothing of it because I thought that in every market the Spanish title that sounds quite different from «Silence». Scorsese and I have finished our respective runnings and now we know that will be on the screens of the world next year, around the same time. In addition it will be published again the novel on which the film is based, «Silence» by Shusaku Endô. The novel tells the adventures of a Jesuit missionaries in the seventeenth century feudal Japan. I think these are too many silences at the same time and prefer to avoid future misunderstandings. »
We have had the pleasure of serving the costumes of this production to the costume designer Sonia Grande.