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Isabel 2nd Season

Se está rodando la 2ª Temporada de Isabel
The passionate struggle of a woman to become Queen. This is the story of Isabel in its 2nd season. Specifically it does from its formation, being just a child until his coronation with just 23, a key period for understanding personality which was then called Isabella.

This is the story of a woman who decided to become the mistress of her own destiny without knowing the many sacrifices that would entail, which were not few. She saw shattered her childhood being snatched from her sick mother and was forced to go live to the Court by his brother King Henry IV.
She suffered the loss of his brother Alfonso, ahead of her in line to the throne, and took, with just 16 years, key decisions after a bloody civil war. She refused to endanger her life accept any imposition of marriage, defending their right to choose a husband (Fernando de Aragon).
She endured after her wedding, blasphemies and economic constraints. She had to handle diplomacy with a hardness of character able to put an army strong (and her own husband, if needed). And all because an obsession: to be queen.
All this has Isabel. But, essentially, beyond the historical facts, tells the passions, emotions and resignations of a woman ahead of her time who refused to be figurehead and currency. A woman, with its flaws and virtues, which reached a power hitherto intended only to men. And that would soon face challenges that no one could imagine.