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Next premiere of "My big night"

mi gran nocheThe Alex de la Iglesia´s film «My Big Night» is due for release, the next October 23th reach Spanish cinemas.
The film tells Joseph sends it as temporary employment , in the middle of August, an industrial hall on the outskirts of Madrid to work on recording a special New Year’s Special gala. Hundreds of extras like him wear week and a half locked and desperate while pretending to celebrate with joy the coming of the New Year false. Alphonso, the musical star, is capable of anything to make sure his performance will have the widest audience. Adanne, his antagonist, young Latin singer, is hounded by fans who want to blackmail. Program presenters hate and compete to win the confidence of the producer. But what nobody knows it is that Alphonso’s life is in danger.
This production won, on Monday, the award for best director of Latin Beat Festival in Tokyo while its star, the singer Raphael, received the award for best actor. We’ve had the pleasure of working with costume designer Paola Torres