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"Unamo" at Mar del Plata cinema festival

La Isla del Viento (Fuerteventura – Unamuno) is competing these days at the Mar del Plata International Film Festival, in the international section.
The debut of Spanish Manuel Menchón in which José Luis Gómez is placed on the skin of the writer and philosopher Miguel de Unamuno (1864-1936) during his days of exile on the island of Fuerteventura was on November 4 its world premiere at international competition Film Festival of Mar del Plata.
The Spanish film, co-produced by the Argentine director Rodolfo Pochat ( «Mika, my war of Spain»), focuses on the months that the author of «Fog» went on the Canary island of Fuerteventura, where he had been sent in February 1924 by the Spanish dictator Primo de Rivera for his constant criticism of the monarchy. It shows a Unamuno visibly upset by that tax faraway island exile, where he had been sent by the Spanish deputy Rodrigo Soriano (Fabian Alvarez) and where befriends Ramón Castañeyra (Enekoiz Noda), merchant and intellectual of the island that housed him at home.
However, gradually, Unamuno will bond of love with the island and its inhabitants, which even comes to visit surprise poet and Argentina suffragette Delfina Molina (Ana Celentano), with which Unamuno maintained a long epistolary friendship. The film also addresses one of the key episodes in the life of Unamuno, his famous speech of 1936 in the university auditorium of the University of Salamanca ( «you will win, but will not convince») criticizing the Spanish fascism before Falangist public between that General José Millán Astray, creator of military force known as the Legion was.
Unamuno was removed from among the fiery cries of the Falangists. His speech cost him his position as rector of the university. He died shortly thereafter under house arrest.
The costume designer Juan Antonio Bello has been responsible for the choice of costumes at Peris.