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Filming "Stop over in hell"

parada en el infoerno«Stop over in hell» is the working title of the set mid-nineteenth century western that filming these days in Colmenar Viejo (Madrid) under the direction of Victor Matellano

Produced by Andres Acevedo for producing «La bala que dobló la esquina» and «stop in Hell IEA». This is the third feature film directed by Victor Matellano, counting this time with a cast that includes one of the fathers of eurowestern , actor and director Enzo G. Castellari , author of the legendary ‘ Keoma and mentor Quentin Tarantino ‘ .

The film, shot in English and written by Juan Gabriel García and Antonio Duran next to Matellano own , focuses his argument on the assault of a gold shipment . It will be a modern approach and update of the old myths of cinema west, sparing action , violence and high voltage < / p>
The costume designer Marta Fenollar has trusted Peris Costumes for the wardrobe .

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