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2nd Season Premiere of "The Prince" series

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A few days ago warned of that approached the, as expected, premiere of the second season of the series «El Principe», where part of the costumes we have served the costume designer Esther lump.
Thus today, Tuesday, April 14, the day arrived. Telecinco premieres tonight the second–and last–installment of ‘Prince’.He returns with the challenge of re-engaged to 6.3 million viewers who saw the dramatic end of the first season. In that episode, issued on 6 may 2014 and directed by Iñaki Mercero, inspector Javier Morey (played by actor Álex González) kill alleged terrorist Abdu (Samy Khalil) shot. And he does it to his sister, Fatima Ben Barek (the actress Hiba Abouk), heretofore lover of Morey.
With this dramatic panorama opens tonight the last stage of the plot, which, according to Tele 5, will be held steeply, both the Central stories of the series, (the subject of espionage will reach an international dimension with a multitude of unexpected twists), as the vertebrate around the lives of the protagonists, who will face extreme situations.