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The case. Chronicle of events

el caso copia
Fernando Guillen Cuervo and Veronica Sanchez head the cast of this series of research. Joining them Antonio Garrido, Francisco Ortiz, Fernando Cayo, White Apilánez, Gorka Lasaosa, Daniel Pérez Prada, Ignacio Mateos, Teresa Hurtado de Ory and Maria Casal, among others.
‘The case. Chronicle of events’ is the brainchild of Fernando Guillen Cuervo, produced by Cesar Benitez and Aitor Gabilondo, shot by shot. The series is directed by Iñaki Mercero, Javier Quintas, and Jose Ramos Paino and written by Olga Salvador, Mauricio Romero (coordinators), Joan Barbero, Juan Moya, and Guadalupe Rilova. The art direction is done by Koldo Valles.
Inspired on true events, ‘The Case. Chronicle of events’ research is a series where each episode was a crime that cover, or could be, in the newspaper with the largest circulation of the time and have dealt with the gory and violent events is counted. Reports on passion killings, disappearances of people under strange circumstances, paranormal phenomena, satanic rites … And always with censorship as Damocles sword to fall on the editors, covering stories that other newspapers do not dare to tell.
The costume designer Montse Sancho has had Peris costumes for the wardrobe.