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Circulo Rojo (Red Circle)

TV Series (2007). 1 season. 12 episodes. The death of Clara, a famous designer unleash vengeance of two women against those who destroyed his life in the past. On the occasion of the death of Clara, Andrea and Patricia are reunited eighteen years later. The three had been great friends, but certain facts separated them. Delving into the causes of the death of Clara (apparently, suicide), Patricia decided, finally, to confront the terrible secret that has ended the lives of Clara and is present in the two friends. Andrea, more reluctant to stir up the past, intended to bury the matter, but in the end, will be pushed to participate in research and to enter the game. Both women use their intelligence, their feminine charms and social relationships to get by subtly thread that will lead them to clarify the facts. (Filmaffinity) we have collaborated with the costume designer Berto Brezzo.