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When we acquired the Italian Jewel House, we already knew that it was a jewel on itself. The quality and history behind the thousands of pieces that we have brought with us to our office in Madrid is just something that we had been dreaming about during the past years.

Now that the collection is a dream come true for us and our clients and partners at Peris, we are happy to tell you more about the stories that are hidden behind those little treasures.

The pieces that you are about to see were customized for the acclaimed TV show «The Young Pope» created and directed by Paolo Sorrentino for Sky Atlantic, HBO, and Canal+. The first episode was released in 2016 and already in 2015, the experts at Jewel House started working on the design of pieces needed for the shooting. The cast includes actors such as Jude Law and Diane Keaton and tells the story of the first American Pope in history. Full of intrigues and controversy, the fictional but interesting story caught the attention of millions of people.

The pieces were made by Serafino Pellegrino in collaboration with Vanity Bijoux, SEAM 2 SAS , Micaela Savatteri Handcrafts & La Fonderia.

The crosses were made according to a design suggested by the Designers Carlo Poggioli and Luca Canfora. On a base of wax, the pieces were then melted in brass. After a Galvanic process, the designers selected a few stones and stars that were then embeded into the crosses.



The Young Pope was originally designed as a limited series. Nevertheless, the producer Lorenzo Mieli announced that a second season of the series was in development and it is being produced with Carlo Poggioli as Costume Designer. The new season will be named «The New Pope».

For more information on the process of designing the costumes and jewels for the 10-episode drama television series, click here.