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Peris Costume im kampf gegen COVID_19

Peris Costumes, the solidarity contribution of cinema in the battle against COVID_19

In order to mitigate the situation generated by the Covid-19, Peris has changed its usual activity by reconverting its workshops to produce gowns, ponchos, masks and all types of protection material.

As part of severely punished sector on this days , Peris has promoted this solidarity initiative as a contribution from Spanish Cinema to this time of emergency.

We deeply apreciate the Academia de Cine web  mentiontioning  our initiative. Peris has donated part of its stock from its offices in Lisbon, Madrid, Mexico DF, Budapest and Vienna, overalls, protective coveralls, footwear from well-known productions such as Chernobyl or James Bond will be used in hospitals, geriatric residences , and other institutions where we have been asked to help.

The aim is to continue to research and work on new ways and resources to help health care workers who are doing their best to treat patients and contain COVID-19.