One of the most characteristic services in Peris Costumes is based on offering our costume designers tailoring and dressmaking services.

The complete manufacturing process is carried out in our facilities, from the choice of fabric, advice, patterns, cutting and sewing.

The company has a specialized department that manages the entire process, under the guidelines of Julio Cornejo.

«A job well done is always rewarded»


Elena and María Ortega, specialists in the sector with more than 20 years of experience, are in charge of advising the costume designers and starting off the process with them.

Peris Costumes has a large stock of fabrics, buttons and passeneries available for the costume designers.

Once the fabrics and designs have been chosen, the cutting workshop is set in motion, under the guidelines of Javier Varas, in the case of male characters, and María Gonzaga, if the costumes are feminine.

A toile is made before starting the production, in order to carry out the necessary rectifications.

The production of the costumes takes place in our workshops, where the most specialized staff hand stitch each design.

Before the delivery, Marisa Rojano, Beatriz Corroto and Manuela Tejero-Garcésperform quality control on each piece.