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Alejandro Toledo´s work at Peris Costumes Lisbon

With thirty people in his charge, the CEO of Peris Costumes Lisbon, Alejandro Toledo tell us how they manage Peris Portugal and  the growth he foresees for the Company.

Peris Costumes arrived in Lisboa in 2015 after buying María Gonzaga´s Atelier. Since then, team work and the great acceptance from the industry have made possible an improvement in the facilities which now take up 4.500m2 in the neighbourhood of Marvila.

This facilities hold around 2.000.000 pieces from all periods and the atelier which is run by by María Gonzaga. It is there where all the women´s costumes that the Company offers in its different venues are made. Costume designers from around the world have placed their trust in the expert hands that run the Portuguese headquarters. “Quality, speed and kindness are our pillars”, confirms Alejandro Toledo.

Peris Costumes Lisbon rents and makes costumes for all types of projects although the mayority of the work volume falls on spots, series and costumes created for all the company´s headquarters.

During this year alone, Peris Costumes Lisbon has participated in 35 productions in the country and have made more than 2.000 pieces.

Something which is worth mentioning is that María Gonzaga, Alejandro´s right hand, started in this industry 40 years ago. Her first jobs were in the makeup department and going props department leading to a career of 25 years in the design area. “Working with María is a gift, she knows everything about this sector and she makes daily work a continuous learning process”, Toledo says.

Of courses, Toledo focuses on the future growth: “Portugal is seeing its best days, we will work towards one objetive: that our atelier becomes one of the most important in Europe”.