Maradona: Blessed Dream, the great bet for the Latin market.

Many stories have been inspired by the world of sports, that is why BTF Media, in coproduction with Dhana Media and Raze, convinced Diego Armando Maradona to shoot his biography.

The series will cover triumphs and heartaches in sports and it will reveal pivotal moments in the life of Maradona. Maradona: Blessed Dream will be released in October 2020, coinciding with the football player’s 60th birthday.

This production is Amazon’s great bet to win over the Latin market. The series was shot in Argentina, Spain, Italy and Mexico sparing no cost or resource.

Connie Balduzzi was in charge of costume design in collaboration with Peris Costumes.

Peris has provided all costumes with stock pieces from different periods and has made costumes and footwear following each decade’s characteristics.

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