Banco Santander with costumes of Peris Costumes

Promote the progress of women to achieve equal opportunities. That has been the objective of the exhibition « Protagonistas del año », created by Banco Santander.


For the project, Generation 81, they have gathered 14 leading women in Spanish society, characterizing them as if they were men. To achieve this, in addition to an expert makeup and hairdressing team, the costume designer Carlos Nieves selected the costumes in Peris Costumes.


Ainhoa Cid


Ainhoa Arteta


Ana Rosa Quintana


Charo Ortín


Gloria Lomana


Laura Lozano


Lucía Marín


Maite Barrera


María Pía Sánchez


Mireia Belmonte


Nerea Torres


Paloma Heredia


Pepa Muñoz


Silvia Ortas