Franco Carretti´s costumes will continue to appear on the big screen

The economic situation in Miami has radically changed, Wynwood has become one of the most expensive areas in the country, which is one of the reasons why Franco Carretti has had to close down, ABC COSTUMES SHOP after 39 years of service to the costume designer community in Miami.


Even Gloria Estefan has worn his dresses this is not surprising since the American house has been the benchmark costume house in the continent for almost half a century.


His pieces could have been forgotten despite all the effort, but Peris Costumes has rebased to let this happen, that is why we will continue bringing them to life. The wonderful costumes of ABC COSTUMES SHOP are now available in our warehouse.

It goes without saying that Carretti´s essence will endure and we will personally take care that your constime pieces remain on the big screen.