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A new partner joined Peris Costumes: “GPF Capital”

Thanks to the effort of all of us and the positive development over these years, GPF, one of the most important investment funds of Spain, has shown interest in taking part in this development by means of a substantial contribution which allow the continuity of the expansion process that we started 4 years ago.

Mr. Javier Toledo as the majority partner and his management team remain at the head of the company and together with GPF will continue to take advantage of the growth opportunities in the audiovisual sector.

We will continue working in order to improve our organization and processes to provide the best service to our customers and increase the quantity and quality of our stock as well as our production capacity.

GPF’s entry further strengthens Peris’ balance sheet and allows us to address the future, with a company that is increasingly better positioned in the market, with one of the best costume collection in the world and a solid financial situation that will help us in our national and international expansion