The TV show Madrid Directo visited Peris Costumes facilities in Madrid

The Madrid Directo team from Telemadrid channel, wanted to know more about the work we do at Peris.

They have been in our Saddlery watching the leather teamwork; Estrella, Fernando and Irene have revealed some of their work secrets to produce all kinds of leather pieces.

From our workshop in Algete – Madrid, we serve pieces to productions all over the world. There are many series and films that request our leather pieces creations, for example: La Peste by Movistar+, WarriorNun by Netflix or The man who killed Don Quixote by Terry Guilliam.

We work the leather by hand in a totally handmade way, with different types of leathers and skins.

In our workshop we design, cut, sew and mould each of the pieces, using techniques such as fretwork, carving, dyeing, etc.

Using specific leather sewing machines, they sometimes create their own molds when needed.

See video to enjoy some moments of the interview: