The filming La Peste´s six chapters has finished, this is one of Movistar´s ambitious project.

Directed by Alberto Rodríguez, with a professional team of 200 people behind the cameras, 100 actors and 1000 extras turn this production into a big bet.
Peris has collaborated in this occasion with the Costumer Director Fernando García, well known professional awarded with a Goya for his work at “La Isla Minima”.
Fernando has set the wardrobe in the splendor of Seville city in the XVI century and the decline when the plague arrived. Our experts in leather handcrafts Estrella Caballero y Fernando Santamaría, designed special pieces : helmets, boots, and coat of arms for the TVShow
La peste is a thriller that combine suspense and intrigue, starring Pablo Molinero, Sergio Castellanos Manolo Solo and Paco León, in a city with lights and shadows, plague and starving people.
la peste