The film THE PATH/EL SENDERO completed the shooting in Catalonia

After five weeks, the shooting of THE PATH, a Spanish-German co-production by Tobias Wiemamm, has been completed in Catalonia.

Different locations in Catalonia and mainly the Pyrenees have been chosen for the different scenes. Sites such as Baqueira, the Parc dels Olors in Claverol or the medieval town of Besalú stand out.

In the face of the Nazi threat, two children escape and set off on a journey through the Pyrenees to an unknown reality.

Produced by Eyrie Entertainment (Germany), Warner Bros and Fasten Films (Spain)

Costumes: Peris Costumes

 Costume Designer: Mercé Paloma

Performers: Nonna Cardoner, Julius Weckauf, Bruna Cusí, Lucas Prisor, and Jordi LLovet.

THE PATH is inspired by a true story of thousands of Jews who escaped from the Nazis through the Pyrenees. The director will turn this odyssey into an exciting adventure full of humour. The main characters Nonna and Julius, two young talents, with a special angel that crosses the screen.