The film Black Beach will be part of the Official Section of the Malaga Festival

The director Esteban Crespo will premiere in the next edition of the Malaga Festival ‘Black Beach‘, starring Candela Peña and Raul Arevalo, which will come to theaters in autumn.

The director explains that the title of the film refers to the name of a cruelly mythical prison in Equatorial Africa. Real atrocities are told about the place. Anyone who enters it knows that, if they are lucky enough to get out, they will never be the same person again.

The thriller has been shot in different locations in Ghana, Brussels, the Canary Islands, Toledo and Madrid.

Costumes by Peris Costumes.

Figurine artist Eva Arretxe.

Produced by Pris&Batty Films, Nephilim and BlackBeach AIE with the collaboration of RTVE and Netflix. It will reach theatres in autumn via eOne.