The film Akelarre will compete for the Golden Shell at the San Sebastian Film Festival.

Aquelarre, the film by Pablo Agüero; will be premiered at the San Sebastian Film Festival. Costumes by Peris,costume designer Nerea Torrijos.

Shot in Basque and Spanish, it is the fifth film by the Argentinean director co-produced between Spain, France and Argentina. Filmed in the Basque Country and presented as a historical drama inspired by a witchcraft trial that took place in the Basque Country in the 17th century.

In addition, in the Official Section, an already announced title will be premiered, Rifkin’s Festival, Woody Allen’s new romantic comedy, in which we have also offered the costumes, costume designer Sonia Grande. This film will open the 68th edition of the festival on September 18th in the Kursaal.

The San Sebastian International Film Festival (Donostia Zinemaldia) will be held from 18th to 26th September. This event, in its different editions, has allowed the discovery of new talents in the cinema world.

The first edition of the San Sebastian festival was in 1953, driven by the city’s local commerce. Today it is one of the most important cultural events in Europe.