The Film Academy awards the González Sinde prize to Peris Costumes and the platform #ActúaAyudaAlimenta for their help during the Covid19 pandemic in Spain.

We are delighted and grateful for the Gonzalez Sinde, award given to us by the Spanish Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences.

This annual award was created in 1998 and takes its name from the first president of the institution, José María González Sinde.

This award is intended to recognize the work of individuals or institutions that use film to contribute to social work.


The award recognizes our donations:

-Protection material from our headquarters in Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Hungary and Austria. Protective suits such as anti-nuclear and anti-viral divers, raincoats, shoe covers and hats from productions such as Chernobyl and James Bond dressed doctors, nurses, police and personnel from nursing homes in the Community of Madrid in the hardest weeks of the pandemic.

– Masks and gowns for health personnel, residents and professionals in centers for the elderly and intellectually disabled made in our workshops reconverted during the hardest days to be able and give solution to the shortage of material

We want to congratulate the platform #AAA, #ActuaAyudaAlimenta who has also received the Award as well as Peris for their contributing to mitigate the effects of the pandemic. #AAA has dedicated its efforts to mitigate the food needs of film and theater professionals. They have been distributing food baskets in Madrid and Barcelona for more than three months during the serious situation that had a strong impact on the cultural field.