The costume designer Nerea Torrijos, working on the costumes for the film Garcia y Garcia

The film starts shooting in Teruel and will also be shot in Madrid and Bilbao during August and September.

It stars José Mota and Pepe Viyuela and will also feature actors Antonio Resines and Jordi Sánchez.

Directed by Ana Murrugarren and produced by Joaquín Trincado.

Once again, the costume designer Nerea Torrijo trusts Peris for the costumes of this film. Who has already counted on Peris for the costumes of the film  Errementari, which has won numerous national and international awards.

Teruel is consolidating itself as a film set. Its corners, landscapes have been chosen in recent years as the setting for films, commercials and short films. In recent years, the film Our Lovers, gave a great role to the city of Teruel, for a few years the capital is the headquarters of the Buñuel Rally and attracts every summer to well-known actors and young promises of the film world.