Operación Concha: A comedy set in the festival of San Sebastian, cheats and scams starring Karra Elejalde and Jordi Molla. Film directed by Antonio Cuadri that is premiered in the Festival of San Sebastián. Peris Costumes collaborates this time with the costume designer Saioa Lara with whom we have worked in Orbit 9.
Escobar- Loving Pablo: A film directed by Fernando León de Aranoa premiered in Venice Festival. The film narrates the romance of the legendary narco-trafficker Pablo Escobar and the journalist Virginia Vallejo, played by Javier Bardem and Penélope Cruz. Peris Costumes has contributed the costumes of this film from the hand of the renowned costume designer Loles García Galeán.
Loles G. Galeán has been responsible for costumes in productions as famous as “Palm trees in the snow” for which she was nominated for Best Costume Goya.
Stop Over in Hell: A western directed by Victor set in the wild west American. Chris and Ernest live in their quiet routine, managing a stagecoach in a passage area. Their peaceful and slow lives will be agitated by an unexpected arrival of a stranger. Costume designed by Marta Fenollar and made by Peris Costumes.
La niebla y la doncella : Adaptation of the novel by Lorenzo Silva, a mysterious murder of a young man on the island of La Gomera puts together again the police Chamorro (Aura Garrido) and Bevilacqua (Quim Gutiérrez). Peris participated in this film collaborating with the talented costume designer Gara Hamad.
BALLO IN MASCHERA : Mario Pontiggia relied on Peris Costumes for the opera “A Dance of Masks” by Verdi. On this occasion Pontiggia was in charge of the stage direction of the opera “which was performed in September on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the Friends of the Opera Association from  A Coruña, leader in the Opera family in Spain .
We are delighted to collaborate with Mario Pontiggia, a professional with a prestigious international trajectory in the world of Opera, who has developed his career as Artistic Director in such renowned centers as the Monte Carlo Opera, Teatro Colón, Teatro Massimo Palermo or Alfredo Kraus Auditorium.
TESLA: The opera Tesla tells the story about the exceptional life of Nikolai Tesla, brilliant scientist and inventor. It is a multidisciplinary show where theater, music and opera are combined.
This production premiered on September 28 at the Colony Theater in Miami. We collaborate with the costume designer Nuria Carrasco, who from costume pieces of Peris Costumes, designed the costumes for all the characters in the show.
ELLA ES TU PADRE : It is the story of Sergio, who decides to assume the appearance of a woman in order to spend more time with his children. In this way she becomes Avelina, a music teacher who will have to win the trust and respect of her students. This is a challenge for the costume designer Oscar Guimarey who from the hand of Peris Costumes provides the costumes to the series.
ESTOY VIVO : TVE1 produced this TV SHOW. Starring Javier Gutierrez , Alejo Sauras and Anna Castillo.  Jarabe de Palo composed the Music and the Costume of Peris Costumes in collaboration the costume designer Cristina González