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Premiere event Veneno , third episode on Thursday 17th September.

The biopic Veneno will hold a cinema event on Thursday 17th September with the screening of its first three episodes. The theatres and sessions available will be announced in the coming weeks and the distribution will be handled by Warner Bros. Pictures Spain.  ATRESplayer Premium, will release the third episode on Sunday, September 20th and will start offering a new weekly delivery until completing the eight episodes.

The costumes for the biopic are by Peris Costumes. Costume Designer :Ana Lopez Cobos.

The coronavirus caused the suspension of the filming and during the confinement the show created by Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi about Cristina Ortiz -La Veneno- only the first two episodes were broadcasted. The shooting, despite being very advanced, was done by sequences so most of the chapters were not complete. The return to the shooting was difficult, it was worked outdoors and there was a lot of skin contact in the scenes.

Three actresses play the role of Veneno in the different stages of her life: Isabel Torres, Daniela Santiago and Jedet. In addition, the story of Valeria, the journalist who developed the biography and who is played by Lola Rodríguez, will have a fundamental weight in the fiction.

Last July, the HBO Max platform announced the acquisition of several European titles, including ‘Venom’. The Spanish series will be available in the United States through HBO Max, which is great news for this production that is beginning to have international distribution.