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Peris Mexico in continuous growth

The Mexico headquarters added new original pieces, contemporary items, civil and military uniforms.

At the Mexico warehouse, more than 1500 square meters, the costumes are available classified and hung to facilitate the work to  the costume designers and producers.

The team led by Nuria Marroquín continues to move forward with new projects and have taken up those that had been stopped by the pandemic and confinement.

Netflix has already advanced the date for the premiere of the second season #LuisMiguelLaSerie for 2021, a project in which Peris serves all the costumes. We have made custom tailoring pieces and rented the pieces from our stock, original pieces from the 80s.

Another of the projects that took up the activity is Natural Born Narco , the TV show about Amado Carrillo Fuentes´s life  has trusted Peris for the costumes that recreates the time when the drug dealer controlled the #CarteldeJuarez.

Our Mexico headquarters is fully operational with resources to meet the needs of local and international productions.