Peris creates a new costumes collection, town and city costumes from the XVIII century.

Our workshops have worked hard to produce a magnificent collection of 1200 more than pieces.

Town and city costumes designed; inspired by the costumes corresponding to the period.  A large number of pieces that have been set and is available for use in productions and we also offer the possibility of being set according to the requirements of the production that requires it.

We emphasize the Watteau style dresses in the style of the years between 1700’s and 1730 approximately. They are wide, worn on a crinoline on a tight body. A large amount of fabric has been used to make them, not only for the front but, above all, for the back. All of them have the well-known cascading fold fall at the back. Made in pastel tones where the ivory beige, yellow and ochre tones stand out.

The bodices have a decorated stomacher.  With variations on the sleeves, wide and loose or adjusted to the elbow and with flounces characteristic of the time.

For the designs of the village clothes we have been inspired by the paintings of the time by different artists.  Chardin (La Proovedora and La Bendición de la Mesa) , the scenes of daily life of Greuze (Huevos Rotos) or A.Bouys (La Fregona).

These garments made of wool and cottons have the texture of worn materials.

The entire collection is available at our headquarters in Madrid, we leave you some images and as always, we encourage you to make an appointment and visit us personally to see all the details of this extensive collection or request additional information at