Peris Costumes together with 4 Spanish companies from the Audiovisual Sector created the Centro Navarro de Producción Cinematográfico.

Tornasol a spanish production company has promoted the creation of the Centro Navarro de Producción Cinematográfica (Navarra Centre for Film Production), composed of five relevant companies in the audiovisual sector.
Tornasol is known for her work in the films “Balada triste de Trompeta” o el “Secreto de sus Ojos” and has been filming in Navarra long time ago.

The companies that make up this venture together with Tornasol are Camara Rental Service (recording and lighting equipment rental), Free Your Mind, (video and visual effects post-production), – AdHoc, (sound post-production) and Peris Costumes (costume manufacturing and rental).

The aim of this initiative is to provide technical services and develop technological I+D projects, and to train local professionals. To carry out their activities, the companies have rented a 600 m2 warehouse in the Sarrio de Berrioplano Industrial Estate.