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Peris Costumes solidarity in the time of Covid19

We would like to thank the enormous reception that the solidarity action that Peris has carried out in the name of cinema during these difficult days has had.

In March, when most of the productions we worked on stopped their activities, we had two options: either to stand by and wait for everything to happen, or to use our resources and knowledge to help where else it was needed.

During this path we have met with organizations and individuals who approached us to offer help and collaborate in one way or another.

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This situation gave us the opportunity to collaborate in the Solidarity Action organized by “Bankia en Acción”. Noelia and Javier’s story could have started at any other time under any other circumstances, but it began in the times of the COVID-19 and at a time of special need.

Noelia, a nurse by profession, told Bankia about the great need her sector was experiencing.  Quickly, the professionals of the entity mobilized to look for, within the commercial network, those contacts that could help Noelia to get the desired equipment and they found Peris Costumes.

Our workshops were recycled to meet the needs of Geriatric Residences, Foundations for people with disabilities, the Federation of Children with Cancer and many others who came to ask for our help.

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