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Peris Costumes at the EASD Burgos UNICOS Seminar

The Regional Government of Castilla y León has organised the Seminar “Unicos, beauty and subtlety”, 2020 edition.

The celebration of “UNICOS” shows the importance of the Artistic Crafts sector in the creation of employment and economic structures.

The “UNICOS” conferences are held during the month of November in the nine art schools of Castilla y León. There will be nine days, designed specially  for each location

On the 12th November session will participate our colleague María Ortega Cornejo, representing Peris Costumes.

Due to the Covid the seminar will be on line and Maria´s talk will be about Costume Design. At the end of each intervention is enabled a chat to ask questions to the speakers.

Among other interesting presentations during this day, Ana Champeney will speak about Craftwork and Miriam Chacón will comment on her experience about the Power of the image in information.