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Before closing 2018, our team at Peris Costumes would like to share with you all a brief summary of the year and, most important, we would love to thank every one of our customers for giving us the opportunity to accompany them in the development of their incredible work.

We are especially delighted to have been able to participate in productions of all kinds, international and national, in film, television, theater and opera. However, what we are most proud of, is  what these productions have achieved over the year thanks to the outstanding work of the costume designing teams.

This year has been especially special for us thanks to the number of awards and celebrations that our clients have achieved such as the nominees for the Goya 2019:  three of the four projects selected to run for Best Costume Award have given us the opportunity to participate in them.

We have made a great effort to increase the scope of services and the specialization of our team in order to facilitate the work for the design teams; we know that your work is not always easy, that the deadlines are adjusted and that finding the necessary pieces is often complicated. With you and your hard work in mind, we keep trying to improve, so that our advice gives you more confidence each day.

We wish you a happy 2019 full of success and we thank you all once again for the trust placed in the entire team of Peris Costumes.

We look forward to seeing you all soon in the New Year!