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News and latest acquisitions in Peris Costumes stock

During these last months we have continued with the expansion and acquisition of great novelties for our stock.  We know how important it is for costume designers to have new broader options in creating costumes.  That is why we are constantly improving and enriching our stock in quantity, quality and diversity.

We have acquired the stocks of The Rock, Treadstone, The Dark Tower, Warriors and White Lines productions that we have now included in our 21st century warehouse, with basic garments and top brands that go on to increase the color and fabric options for the current wardrobe.  Also, within this section we have add new costumes especially men’s suits and civil uniforms.

Our 30´s, 40´s and 50´s wardrobe has grown with authentic originals pieces from all over the world. We have purchased suits, dresses, coats, accessories and original complements from those decades.

Most of the costume pieces from Mrs. America, designed by Bina Daigeler and nominated for the Emmy Awards 2020, are now available in the 70´s section

We have also added biblical and roman costumes groups from the stock of the renowned Gianfranco Pierantoni. These costumes have been used in iconic films such as:

Rome HBO Serie Costume Designer Avril Ferry
Julius Caesar TV Turner Costume Designer Simonetta Leoncini
Agora Mod Producciones Costume Designer Gabriella Pescucci
The Last Legion Dino De Laurentis Production Costume Designer Paolo Scalabrino
Troy Warner Bros Costume Designer Bob Ringwood
Ben Hur Paramount Costume Costumes Designer Giovanni Casalnuovo
The Last Planet Director Terence Malick Costume Designer Carlo Poggioli

In the Medieval section, magnificent pieces from the Knightfall series were added.

Troy the fall of the city set in the 13th century (B.C.) adds to Peris’ stock men’s and women’s village clothing: tunics, village shirts, shoes, belts.

The wardrobe from The Spanish Princess comes to enrich the 16th century stock, period dresses, suits, capes, head accessories and unique pieces of jewelry designed especially for this show.

When it comes to ethnic costumes we can now count on the wardrobe from Lady of Heaven. We can take you on a fantasy journey with outstanding pieces from Malefica or Mary Poppins. Their incredible accessories will not go unnoticed.