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New medieval costume now available at Peris Costumes.

During these years the number of pieces in the stock available has been growing thanks to the acquisitions, which Peris has made. We currently have a wide variety, more than five million pieces of clothing. The policy of increasing the number of original pieces and stock coming from different productions is important to complete the offer that Peris wants to propose to productions and costume designers.

This week a medieval stock has arrived with interesting pieces: armour, robes, etc. With an attractive palette of colours and original accessories that complete a wide range of possibilities for medieval characters made with different quality materials.

Village costumes: simple tunics and capes, long women’s dresses and all kinds of accessories.  Medieval warriors: gambeson, chain mail, chain mail head accessories hardened leather gloves, helmets. All the clothing acquisitions are made with top quality handcrafted textiles and one hundred percent original.

The evaluation and search for new stocks is carried out in the national territory and abroad. This allows us to offer a great number of options when it comes to recreating a period in a production