My experience creating the Costumes for the Tv Show “Ines del Alma Mia” at Peris Costumes , by Loles Garcia Galean

Working on “Ines del alma mía” was an immense journey in every way.

Sharing this project with Peris made me feel at home. Always giving me all the support possible both in offices and in the different buildings or areas; choice and design of fabrics, shoes creation and design, dyeing and treatments of fabrics.

Absolute availability of all those “little jewels” that Myriam has so well kept and of course all that infinite material ordered with so much care.

I was able to count on the support and knowledge of a team formed with the experience of the years: Elena, Puche, Eva, Miguel, Estrella, Fernando, Javi,…. and of course Javier Toledo, in addition to the rest of the colleagues who make the work at Peris so comfortable.

Both my team and I will always be grateful for the constant support, affectionate positive energy of the whole team.

Thank you!!!!