This month has been pretty intense for the team at Peris Costumes International. From launching new international projects to participating in a master class about fashion. This very last event took place on Sunday October 14th in Oviedo, Spain. Our colleague María Ortega Cornejo (Project Manager at Peris) participated in a discussion about the role costume design played on the Scorsese’s movies with Sandy Powell and Lorenzo Caprile.

                                          Source: www.elcomercio.es

Lorenzo and María are friends and they met when he was starting his career as a costume desisgner for theatre. Over the years, a bond that started in the professional area has become a personal friendship. Moreover, they do have friends in common such as Sandy Powell with whom they shared the activities that were organized previous to the Princess of Asturias Awards. In her own words: “Lorenzo, besides being an outstanding professional, he is a lively man always interested in learning new things and launching new projects. He has plenty of experience thanks to his career path and he conveys his expertise every time you talk to him”.

Powell, who has been nominated for 12 Oscars and has won three of them, has worked extensively with Scorsese. She met him in 1999 and her first job with him was Gangs of New York. Caprile, one of the most well-known couturiers of last decade and famous for his wonderful designs, also shared his thoughts on the importance of a good costume design in the movie industry.

This discussion took place at “Fábrica Scorsese” where there was no more room for a single soul. Our colleague María moderated the discussion where a lot of inside stories were shared. From the bride´s dress that Margot Robbie wore during the shooting of “The Wolf of Wall Street” to the costumes Powell had to worked with for the movie “Gangs of New York” set in 1846, the talk was extraordinarily interesting for those who are passionate about the work of Scorsese.

María is a key member of our team at Peris and therefore we would love to introduce her to you. In addition to her work at Peris she teaches Fashion History at the Masters Degree in Fashion Management [Máster en Gestión de Empresas de Moda] organized by Cámara de Comercio de Madrid and URJC.

Q: What´s your job and how long have you been working at Peris Costumes?

A: I´ve only been working at Peris for the past few months, since septembre 2018. It is not always easy to explain the scope of the work I do, it´s pretty similar to the job that a Production Manager does for a movie, but related to a costume rental company. The Costume Designer gets in touch with us and we help them with pretty much everything regarding the costumes of the production: from their very first visit to our warehouse to the selection of stock or even the coordination of manufacturing of pieces (measurements, textile orders…).

Q: What would you highlight from your work at Peris?

A: I´ve been working in this industry for a few years now, around 19 years working in this particicular world (I was working for a different company before). I would highlight the atmosphere we have at work.

Q: What do you enjoy the most of the projects that take place at Peris?

A: It is a modern company with a growing vision and an interest to keep evolving and improving.

Q: Finally, what are your thoughts on the international journey that Peris is taking?

A: EXTRAORDINARY! Peris has enjoyed a rapid growth and it is consolidating this evolution year by year.