Bina Daigeler nominated for the Emmy awards: Mrs America Best Period Costumes Design

Congratulations Bina Daigeler for the Emmy Award nomination for the magnificent costume work on the Mrs America series.

We have been fortunate to be able to purchase most of the Mrs America costume pieces , designed by the renowned costume designer Bina Daigeler. Bina is the creative mind responsible for the wardrobe of Volver, All About My Mother, Narcos, The Time between Sewing and Manifesto.  HBO’s Mrs America series chronicles the disagreements between ERA feminists and conservative Phyllis Schlafly.

Daigeler said that she closely modeled Blanchett’s costumes on the clothes that the real-life Schlafly wore. Married to a lawyer from a rich Illinois family, Schlafly favored high-quality materials, precise A-line fits, and high necklines.

Her meticulous looks were finished with tasteful conservative accessories—a brooch or strand of pearls or silk scarf tied around the neck. For the series’ first half, Daigeler said that she costumed Blanchett’s Phyllis in pastel colors and designs that were “very ’60s American housewife”.