Biblical and Roman costume groups from Gianfranco Pierantoni’s stock are now available

Costume groups are available to productions and costume designers who require them from the stock of the renowned Gianfranco Pierantoni.

Pieces created by some of the world’s most renowned Costume Designers. For example, some of the costume pieces from the Film Agora, where designer Gabriella Pescucci created costume that was used as a visual support for the story, since it is the colours, textile techniques and shapes of the costumes that differentiate the different groups and classes from that of complex 4th century Alexandria.

We cannot fail to highlight some of the pieces created by costume designer Carlo Poggioli for Terence Malick’s film , The Last Duel. Carlo was recently awarded the Golden Globe.

We are delighted to have these costume pieces that have been featured in iconic films and will undoubtedly be an opportunity for productions and costume designers who require them. Here are some titles in which this costume has participated.

Rome – HBO Serie – Costume Designer Avril Ferry

Julius Caesar – Tv Turner – Costume Designer Simonetta Leoncini

Agora – Mod Producciones – Costume Designer Gabriella Pescucci

The Last Legion – Dino De Laurentis Production – Costume Designer Paolo Scalabrino

Troy – WarnerBros – Costume Designer Bob Ringwood

Ben Hur –  Paramount -Costume Designer Giovanni Casalnuovo

The Last Planet – Director Terence Malick- Costume Designer Carlo Poggioli