We have received Beatriz Solano from  Antena3  Weekend News, in our facilities in Madrid.
The Antena3 team was impressed by the quantity and variety of costumes from all periods in our stock. “…There are handmade dresses ,  Peris Costumes  is almost a Costume Museum …” They were also able to ask some questions to Puche Morales and Javier Toledo from Peris . They saw our leather specialists Estrella and Fernando working closely. Had the chance to talk with Juan Padilla from the  new aging and dying  service.

Beatriz and her team saw the costumes from  productions such as Blade Runner2049, Oro, La Casa de Papel. They were also interested in the costumes that we made for the film Handia that recently received the Goya Award  (Best costume design) where we worked with the Costume Designer Saioa Lara.

Watch the video here :