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All the costumes from Into the Badlands, in Peris Costumes

We are happy to announce that costumes from all three seasons of this martial arts show, Into the Badlands, are now available to our clients in Peris Costumes.



The production inspired by the classic Chinese tale “Journey To The West” tells the story of a great warrior and a boy who embark upon a dangerous journey in order to find answers.


Throughout the 3 seasons and 32 episodes we have seen all kinds of costume pieces, all of which are set in a distant and fantasy future.
Among other amazing pieces, we have the costumes worn by Daniel Wu who plays Sunny.

These are the names responsible for the design of the costumes: Giovanni Lipari (25 episodes during 2017 and 2019), Nadine Haders (3 episodes in 2015) y Christine Bieselin Clark (5 episodes in 2015).

More than 3 trucks filled with costumes have arrived in Peris Costumes bringing extraordinarily well made pieces both in leather and fabric.

Needless to say that all the accessories from the series are also available.

Here at Peris Costumes we keep working towards constantly improving the quality and quantity of our stock, that is why we believe that this arrival is without a doubt fantastic news for our clients.