Handia is the Basque word for GIANT, and that represents how the past year has unfolded for Costume Designer Saoia Lara after she was awarded the Goya Award for Best Costume Design during the 32nd Edition of the so-called “Spanish Oscars” on February 3rd 2018.

Here at Peris Costumes we are extremely proud of her and we are grateful that she has always trusted us with her projects. Regarding “Handia”, we had to overcome a few “gigantic” issues such as dressing over 1000 extras as well as designing the pieces that the main character, a giant who was over 2.5 meters tall in record time.

What a challenge that was! However, it was well worth it since the hard work resulted in “Handia”.



We organized a trip to our office in Lisbon with Saioa so that we could work together with our tailoring atelier in the making of the pieces. Under the supervision of the extraordinary Costume Designer, the clothes were made in Lisbon while the giant shoes were being made at our facilities in Madrid.

Now, looking into the future, we are happy and grateful that we will still have Saioa with us, designing the costumes of “The Wedding Planner”, “The Accordionist’s Son” or “Bajo el mismo techo” (this last one to be released soon) in addition to other titles to be revealed soon as well.

Many thanks for walking this path with us, dear Saioa.