After working for many years with projects of national and international scope and costume designers from all over the world, we are well aware that the process of dyeing, aging, cleaning of costumes is extremely important for the success of a movie or series’ setting.

For this reason, we decided to establish our very own dry cleaning, ageing and dyeing complete service. The idea behind this is to be able to offer a unique and comprehensive experience at Peris. Costume Designers can select the textiles, order the tailoring of new pieces and decide how the costumes should be treated in order to improve its look adapt them accordingly.

Our modern equipment has allowed us to dye over 10,000 meters of textiles, to age over 22,000 pieces and to clean over 25,000 meters of fabric, only during 2018.

This service is led by Juan Padilla, a prestigious professional and expert in this sector. He has over 25 years of experience in the treatment of fabrics and garments and therefore, not only do costume designers decide how their pieces are to be treated and aged; but also, they can get first-hand advice on what process would be best for their specific needs.

Some famous films in which our costumes were personalized according to the Costume Designers needs were Gladiator, Kingdom of Heaven, Captain Alatriste or Ay Carmela!