Wir sind stolz darauf, seit 1856 Teil der Geschichte der europäischen Theater-, Film- und Fernsehindustrie zu sein und Kostümausstatter des 21. Jahrhunderts zu werden.

Wir sind Experten in der Vermietung und Herstellung von Kostümen aller Epochen.

Ziel von Peris Costumes ist es, durch Innovation zu einem Kostümhaus des 21. Jahrhunderts zu werden und dabei den seit 1856 gewachsenen Standard an Tradition und Qualität beizubehalten.


La Casa de Papel, El Embarcadero and Amar es para siempre nominated for the MIM Awards

MiM Series rewards every year the best of the season's national television fiction. Based on this selection, a second round announces the finalists in each category who will compete to win one of the 10 MiM that reward the most outstanding works in Drama, Comedy, TvMovies or Mini Series and Daily Series, including script, direction

The Costume Designer Fernando García: “La Peste 2 has been an enriching job”

After the success of its first season, Movistar + bet on showing the spectator how Seville passed in the sixteenth century after the epidemic. The plot revolves around La Garduña, the Sevillian underworld, whose members have three dots tattooed on their hands. "When I started the project we had to do a lot of research.

#THEHISTORYOFAGARMENT: Materials for the confection

As we explained in the previous post #historiadeunaprenda, in Peris Costumes besides having a large stock, we have all the necessary services to create garments.  The process begins with the selection of materials. It is the figurinist who chooses the fabrics, adornments and complements. In order to facilitate this work we have a great variety