#TeamPeris had the chance to attend some of the screenings organized by the Donostia Zinemaldia Festival de San Sebastián International Film Festival. This year´s fest is special for us because several movies, that are participating in different sections and categories throughout the entire festival, have worked with us in developing the costume design for their projects.

That is the case of:

– Errementari that belongs to the section ZINEMIRA
– The Bookshop in the category MADE IN SPAIN
– Quien Te Cantará y Gigantes competing for the Golden Shell in the OFFICIAL section
– Campeones in the category VELÓDROMO

Working with wonderful costume designers such as Nerea Torrijos, Ana López Cobos and Ana Martínez Fesser among others is always a real pleasure. We are happy to assist them as much as possible when they visit us in Madrid. However, we are even more grateful for the awesome job that they do, when we see the hard work they put and long hours behind the scenes they spend in order to bring characters to life in front of thousands of people. The atmosphere that surrounds this film festival encourages us to keep working hard and keep expanding the nature and number of projects that are already using our unique costumes.