We were all waiting for this date to arrive, more so Terry Gilliam whose movie will be closing this year´s film festival.

In his own words: “33 years ago France was the 1st country to release Brazil. It gave me hope. It’s funny how things repeat themselves. I want to thank Ocean Films and the French exhibitors for their incredible support and boldness in being the first to release The Man Who Killed Don Quixote on May 19. The barricades are coming down. Vive La France! Vive le cinéma!!”

This movie, that has been considered a cursed project by many, has faced plenty of challenges during its filming. The last controversy almost prevented the Cannes Film Festival from screening the movie. Nevertheless, this battle against the odds did not discourage both the festival nor Terry, who fought for the curse to be broken on May 19th.

And so we are all waiting anxiously for tomorrow´s premiere at Cannes after the closing ceremony hosted by French actor Edouard Baer is over.

Do not miss the premiere and the stunning costume design by Lena Mossum with pieces from Peris!