The theatrical production El Motín de Aranjuez, has become a pretty special play for us. We feel very proud of the team that works day after day at Peris Costumes International to successfully develop international and national projects for film, TV and theatre.

Our friend Eva María Galvache Carrillo has designed the costumes used during the play “El Motín de Aranjuez”. This theatrical production has been showing to the public the facts that happened on march 17th and 18th 1808 on the streets of Aranjuez during the last 37 years.

El Motín de Aranjuez was an uprising that took place on 17 March 1808 in Aranjuez. The event and play commemorates the events that were caused by the political decisions of Manuel Godoy, secretary of Charles IV. The mutineers made King Charles dismiss Godoy, and, two days later, the court forced the King himself to abdicate in favor of his son and rival, who became King Ferdinand VII.

Our coworker Eva, explains some of the details of the project.

A: Has this play been produced for the last 35 years?

E: “El Motín” has been produced over the last 37 years, always under the direction of Paco Carrillo. 

 A: When did you start designing the costumes for the play?

E: I have been working on the costume design for “El Motín” for the past 16 years, but with exclusive devotion for the last 6 years.  

 A: What would you say it´s the most significant different of this year´s production compared to the other ones?

E: The suitability, the quality and the support of a company such as Peris Costumes Int. This allows us to take advantage of national and international productions of diverse origins, enriching the projects that we are working on. 

A: What would be a good review of the production?

E: I believe it is more interesting to speak about the importance of the fact rather than the fact itself. The current theatre act prioritize the popular movement and its social and politics consequences.   

¡Congratulations to Eva for a brilliant work!